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Chamber Foundation

 We are excited to start a foundation that will help improve our community’s quality of life. Through the Chamber Foundation we hope to see diversity and inclusion, workforce development, and leadership development grow and strive in the Golden Isles.

The Chamber Foundation is a 501c3 organization where all contributions are tax deductible. The donations to the Chamber Foundation will be used to help implement the new Carl Vinson Institute Workforce Development Study to help improve our community’s workforce development. These funds will be used to create scholarships to diversify our programming and help ensure leadership development by allowing the Leadership Glynn and Youth Leadership Glynn programs to grow and create a new leadership pipeline. 

“I am thrilled to be part of this new endeavor for the Chamber. Having our own Foundation will make it easier to obtain grants and hopefully, make more contributions tax deductible for our members. I hope that our membership will support and help our Foundation grow for years to come. I am 100% committed to helping make this a reality.”, said Pat Cooper, Chairman. 

One of the Foundation’s board members, Tres Hamilton, expanded by saying, “The creation of this foundation has taken our Chamber to another level. It shows the commitment of this Chamber and its leadership to not only see the gaps within our community, but also be willing to take the leadership in bridging those gaps. The future of Glynn County is bright, and I am honored to be a member of this board.” 

We are all excited for what this Foundation will do for our community and for the meaningful relationships it will create to ensure a brighter future for the Golden Isles. 

Mission Statement

The Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber Foundation exists to connect community partners by leveraging essential resources that create, enhance, and expand the Chamber’s Mission. 

Vision Statement

The Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber Foundation is the catalyst to support the Chamber’s Mission, raise funds, and connect stakeholders to fulfill its priorities. 


Workforce  Development

Funds will help implement the new Carl Vinson Institute Workforce and Talent Development Study. 


Diversity & Inclusion

Funds will go towards scholarships and programming that represents the diversity of our community.

Leadership Development

Funds will help to ensure the Leadership Glynn and Youth Leadership Glynn programs are expanded to create a new leadership pipeline.