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    Design - build and analysis services for multi- media farming operations

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    Aquaponics farm
    Hydroponics farm
    Aquaponics Farm at Mental Health Center of Denver
    Hydroponics farm with climate battery
    Aquaponic lettuces
    Aquaponic red leaf lettuce, 3 weeks old
    Mixed aquaponic  micro greens
    Aquaponic bok choi
    Aquaponic chive starts
    Aquaponic roots under the raft boards
    Hydroponic tomato farm
    Aquaponic endive
    Aquaponic green leaf lettuce
    Aquaponic purple scallions
    Germination area for seedlings for planting into aquaponic and hydroponic systems
    4 1/2 pound tilapia from aquaponic tank
    Aquaponic tilapia
    Aquaponic tilapia
    250,000 seedling starts
    Elaine's raised bed farm
    Raised beds at Denver's Sustainability Park
    250,000 grafted orange trees- local root stock, imported bud wood

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    JD Sawyer
    Tonay Sawyer