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  • In addition to its natural beauty, Glynn County boasts a diverse economic mix and one of the busiest ports along the eastern seaboard. Our area's progressive leadership, including the Chamber, the Brunswick & Glynn County Development Authority, and our city and county governments, have made it extremely lucrative to locate business here. Our tax structure encourages development with a 100% freeport and ad valorem tax exemption on certain materials. A number of tax credits, incentives and programs are also available. Contact the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority for more information, 912-265-6629, or visit their website at www.georgiasgoldenopportunity.com.

    We are home to a broad range of industries including paper manufacturing, wood products, food processing, auto processing, metal fabrication, chemical processing, beverage distribution, aviation and distribution. Our superb infrastructure, well-trained labor force, forward-thinking leadership, enticing incentives, well-developed sites, and international transport system combine for a perfect recipe for successful business.

    Hospitality & Tourism Industry - Tourism is a multi-million dollar industry in Brunswick and the Golden Isles. Over 1.5 million visitors spend roughly $735 million each year. As such, the Chamber has a powerful alliance with the Golden Isles Convention & Visitors Bureau. This organization's primary purpose is promoting Brunswick and the Golden Isles as a visitor destination. Visit the Golden Isles Visitors Bureau website.

    The Port of Brunswick - The Port of Brunswick is recognized as one of the most productive ports on the East Coast. Operated by the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), the Port of Brunswick specializes in the handling of breakbulk, agri-bulk and RoRo cargoes. The port includes three distinct terminals – Mayor’s Point Terminal, Colonel’s Island Terminal and Marine Port Terminals. Today, the Port of Brunswick remains the second largest grain facility on the East Coast and the second largest auto port in the nation. To learn more about the Port of Brunswick, visit the Georgia Ports Authority.

    Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) - Headquartered in Glynco, GA, on a 1,600-acre campus at the northwestern edge of Brunswick since 1975, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center provides advanced law enforcement training services for more than 90 Federal agencies and is the headquarters for all Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers. FLETC also provides services to state, local, and international law enforcement agencies. For more information on FLETC, check out the website at www.fletc.gov.

    Major Employers, excluding FLETC and the Port of Brunswick:

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