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  • Business Works Here

  • The Chamber has a strong partnership with the Brunswick & Glynn County Development Authority. Working together, we strive to support the existing business community while also attracting new businesses interested in relocating here. Brunswick and the Golden Isles feature a diversified economic base, including:

    Manufacturing & Industry

    Our progressive leadership, including the Chamber of Commerce, Development Authority, city and county governments, have made it extremely lucrative to locate business here. Our tax structure encourages development with a 100% freeport and ad valorem tax exemption on certain materials. A number of tax credits, incentives and programs are also available. Contact the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority for more information, 912-265-6629, or visit their website at www.georgiasgoldenopportunity.com.

    We are home to a broad range of industries including paper manufacturing, wood products, food processing, auto processing, metal fabrication, chemical processing, beverage distribution, aviation and distribution.  Our superb infrastructure, well-trained labor force, forward-thinking leadership, enticing incentives, well-developed sites, and international transport system combine for a perfect recipe for successful business.

    Workforce - Located in a right-to-work state, Glynn County offers a pool of well-trained workers. The state of Georgia's Quick Start Program provides free customized training for the workers of new and expanding businesses in our state. In addition, the Golden Isles Career Academy, College of Coastal Georgia and Coastal Pines Technical College, all located in Glynn County, graduate qualified workers with bachelor degrees and technical training in a wide range of fields each year.

    Development - What makes Glynn County so attractive to business and industry? The same things that make it attractive to people: climate, location and surroundings. For starters, we don’t get snowed in or flooded out, so work progresses without interruption for most of the 258 work-days per year. Location is ideal—far enough from big cities to avoid their problems, close enough for ready access to products and services. Major highways, a jetport with an 8,000 foot runway, two Class I railway lines - CSX and Norfolk Southern, in addition to one short line Rail Link, AMTRAK passenger service in nearby Jesup and, of course our “side door,” the Atlantic Ocean, link us to the world.

    Air Travel - Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, six miles north of Brunswick, has an 8,000-foot runway, and ASA offers several flights daily to Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport on St. Simons Island, with a 5400 foot runway, serves many general needs. For specific Information regarding Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, please contact the Glynn County Airport Commission or call 912-265-2070. (From Website)

    Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport
    Brunswick Golden Isles AirportWith an estimated 62,000 passengers per annum, the Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport is served by Delta Delta Connection, offering daily flights Atlanta on Canadair regional jets - a flight of only 37 minutes.

    The new passenger terminal at Golden Isles Airport offers free WiFi, snack bar, ATM, free baggage trolleys, a conference facility, and rental car desks; with courtesy personnel assisting arriving or departing passengers.  There is also free parking available.  Delta jet service is available to Atlanta (800-221-1212)

    Estimated travel time to either Jekyll Island or St. Simons Island is less than a half-hour. 

    McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport - Malcolm McKinnon
    McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport on St. Simons Island, a bustling general aviation facility serving St. Simons and Sea Island business and vacation travelers with the is most up-to-date services in an atmosphere of an island getaway.

    The airport has two active runways - 4/22 at 5,800 feet long and 16/34 at 3,313 feet long. The airport has several non-precision approaches to provide inclement-weather access to the island, as well as a visual guidance system to assist pilots on their landing.

    For specific Information regarding Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, please click here or call the Glynn County Airport Commission or call 912-265-2070.


    2. Hospitality & Tourism

    Tourism is a multi-million dollar industry in Brunswick and the Golden Isles. Over 1.5 million visitors spend roughly $735 million each year.  As such, the Chamber has a powerful alliance with the Golden Isles Convention & Visitors Bureau. This organization's primary purpose is promoting Brunswick and the Golden Isles as a visitor destination.

    Visit the Golden Isles Visitors Bureau website.


    3. The Port of Brunswick

    The Port of Brunswick

    The Port of Brunswick is recognized as one of the most productive ports on the East Coast. Operated by the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), the Port of Brunswick specializes in the handling of breakbulk, agri-bulk and RoRo cargoes. The port includes three distinct terminals – Mayor’s Point Terminal, Colonel’s Island Terminal and Marine Port Terminals.

    To remain well-positioned for future growth, continued upgrades to infrastructure have been a priority in recent years. On Colonel’s Island’s Southside, an additional 850 acres of auto-processing capacity was added; BMW returned to the Port of Brunswick, and Mercedes-Benz built a 70,000 square-foot vehicle preparation center, consolidating its Southeastern shipping operations and making the Port of Brunswick Mercedes-Benz USA’s South Atlantic Hub. Including BMW and Mercedes, some 15 automobile manufacturers import and export vehicles through the Colonel’s Island Terminal.

    Through its partnership with Bunge North America, one of the world’s largest agri-business and food-stuff producers, agribulk tonnage has continued to increase dramatically. A new 10,000-ton grain storage tank was recently completed to accommodate additional volume.

    Today, the Port of Brunswick remains the second largest grain facility on the East Coast and the second largest auto port in the nation.

    To learn more about the Port of Brunswick, visit the Georgia Ports Authority.


    4. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

    Headquartered in Glynco, Georgia on the northwestern edge of Brunswick since 1975, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center provides advanced law enforcement training services for more than 90 Federal agencies and is the headquarters for all Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers. FLETC also provides services to state, local, and international law enforcement agencies.

    FLETC's 1,600-acre campus includes facilities such as classrooms, dormitories, and administrative and logistical support structures, including a dining hall capable of serving more than 4,000 meals per day.  The facility also has 18 firearms ranges, including a state-of-the-art indoor range complex with 146 separate firing points and eight highly versatile semi-enclosed ranges with 200 additional firing points.  Other training assets include a sprawling complex of driver training ranges, a physical techniques facility, explosives range, fully functional mock port of entry, and various other training facilities.

    A 2011 study conducted by the Fanning Institute contracted with researchers from UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government identified FLETC as the largest non-manufacturing employer in Glynn County, with more than 5,000 area jobs being attributed to the agency. The Analysis suggests that FLETC, directly and indirectly, supports about 2300 jobs in Glynn County, another 900 in the region, 500 in the Atlanta MSA and nearly 1,400 elsewhere. In the five-county region, this translates to more than $250 million in direct and indirect personal income, of which over $203 million can be attributed directly to Glynn County. Considering that the more than 5,000 jobs supported around the country, the total economic impact is nearly 19,000 jobs with personal income totaling more than $975 million.

    For more information on FLETC, check out the website at www.fletc.gov.

    Major Employers Excluding FLETC and the Port of Brunswick:

    For more statistical info visit: Brunswick & Glynn County Development Authority.